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A little bit about me, I’m a Family Life Coach. My favourite work is with families. Interestingly enough even families before they were even families. Families before getting pregnant! My favourite party line is that I get a lot of women pregnant!

Beyond pregnancy though, going into the birth space is certainly a very special kind of magic with families. Being a family life coach means I teach all kinds of wonderful tools and resources that are completely user-friendly. Maybe the information here is new or something that you’ve heard, maybe not, but with fresh eyes and opens hearts, lets get going.

Of course, it’s no secret, the second time births can be much easier time in labour. Maybe you are here like most second-time moms is that the first time, birth wasn’t all that great. Where ever you are the intent here is to super charge your mind to develop your super power for a calm relaxed birth.

Being skilled and knowledgeable in pregnancy and birth can be so confusing!!.

And that was me. I was that mom, that has the first experience that I never wanted to repeat. The second experience using the tools shared here was a dream. Pregnancy is the beautiful beginning of the relationship that you are building between you and you’re baby is in peaceful harmony as it is what will get you through your pregnancy and also through birth.

Pregnancy is about connecting, that birth relationship is an opportunity for you to work as a team. So being able to have that experience where you’re working together – mom and baby – is essential. And that bond that you create, even before you’ve met is a time that is so sacred, and is so real and is so true. You really going to want to find how to do that. While you’re growing and developing in your confidence, and your assurance, and finding the birth that’s right for you, the way that you want to bring your baby into the world.

Simultaneously, your baby’s brain is growing and developing and that growing and developing is based on hormones, it’s based on experiences. It’s based on connection. And you being able to have the most positive powerful connection with yourself is creating a positive powerful connection to your baby. Now that connection is absolutely sacred. And that connection between you and your partner is also very sacred.

You probably noticed by now that there’s a lot of onlookers and cheerleaders. Some offering not the best advice, some offering not good advice at all and definitely not often very positive. Now, you’re baby was wanted and conceived in love and that space that you created for your baby is the space I want you to keep for you and your baby and for you and your partner. Because that space is so personal and so private, that other people’s stories, other people’s opinions and ideas really have no influence over your decisions at all. I’m going to move through this so that you can gather and take with you whatever it is you need.

One of the most interesting books that I came across when I was looking for answers. What I was able to learn in the second pregnancy is a lot of positions that we sit in that we are comfortable in are really not ideal or comfortable for our baby. There is a midwife in New Zealand and a lot of her beginning work was with sheep and her ability to see birth in its natural setting gave her opportunities to recreate birth for women in a similar way. Being on your hands and knees is not something anybody wants to do, but it’s a truly beneficial way to get your baby and your body in an awesome position.

So what I would like you to do is not all that hard and maybe it is if you are in a desert or somewhere remote, but what I’d like you to do is spend a lot of time in a swimming pool. What I’d like you to do is find yourself on a platter board doing the weep kick. That probably isn’t something that you can do every single day, but if you can do it, it takes so much pressure off your lower back and it puts your baby in the exact right position when you’re doing the weep kick and when you are allowing the gravity to naturally pull your baby forward, it puts you and your baby in an optimal position.

If you want more information, I’d like you to check out Jean Sutton. Jean has written a book called Optimal Feotal Positioning. She has a very extensive website, so it’s not necessarily you have to purchase the book, but even just checkout the website to see what her methodology is and why she’s suggesting it and what you can do about it. We definitely don’t live in a world where sitting in a right position for birth and preparing our bodies for that are happening very naturally.

Obviously these things that you’ve heard that I’ve talked about and that’s the reason why you’re still here and thank you. My passion is helping parents. My passion is coaching mothers, working with families from beginning and all the way through is an honour and seeing little children in the world that I met even before they were born is such an amazing gift.

I’d like to encourage you to explore some of the ideas that I’ve talked about. Please check out the attachment theory. Please also remember that sacred space that is required for you and your partner and your baby to create in order to keep yourself safe, in order to keep that coziness and that welcoming beautiful experience of birth that is happening for you and your baby.

The last thing, please check out Jean Sutton, if it’s something that interest you, it’s worth a quick read even if it’s on Google. I’d like you to now share with me some of your thoughts. Please share with me some of your wisdom. It’s important to me. I like hearing from you. It makes my day. And being able to have connections with people all over the world is such an incredible opportunity. Thank you for being here.

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