Here at The Heart of Birth the purpose is to show you how to access what amazing natural resources you have already in you. Your inner resources are your super power during labour and birth, and the best news is you are practicing your use of resilience right now!

  1. Because you are here.
  2. You’ve probably have had at least one bad day in your lifetime.
  3. You made it through.

Needless to say maybe you are not a pro athlete in the sport of birth but you probably have had to deal with some kind of difficult situations and come out on top.

That icing on the cake moment took a few tweaking and altering the ways that you saw yourself in that difficult moment, and at that instant there were a million ways you were able to integrate the learning that life has taught you so that you could create a positive, really powerful, really exciting outcome.

Now that you know that about yourself can you imagine a birth where you can dig deep into that space and use the strength and wisdom to do that over and over and over again?
Absolutely no problem.

As you probalbly already know, we don’t stumble into knowing this. Thankfully because of the stories you have heard of the hardships of birth you may have catapulted yourself into learning about how not to find yourself in those situations. The first of months of pregnancy are vague and sort of unbelievable but there is a promise inside of you where you have unknowingly found way that really fit for your already growing family and that what really fits is the idea that you want to lean as a mother and meet the future that you are to creating.
So here you are,ready to go to those places and do those things to learn about how to find yourself in a peaceful place during pregnancy and birth and how to tell your future birth story with confidence in a way you may never knew was even possible to accomplish until now.

Five bits of wisdom and inspiration for natural birth is why you are here, so let’s dig in.

1. Prepare your body for birth

Keep moving when you’re pregnant, because moderate exercise is good for you and baby too. Optimal fetal positioning is an important topic for pregnant women to learn about. The baby’s back is on the heaviest part of your baby’s body. This means that the back will naturally gravitate towards the lowest side of the abdomen. So if your tummy is lower than your back, e.g. if you are sitting on a chair leaning forward, then the baby’s back will tend to swing towards your tummy. Yoga will help with joint flexibility, lots of hands and knees will bring the heaviest part of the baby forward. Swimming because water is great for adding resistance, whip kick with a flutter board opens the hips, it is gentle for the body as your weight is supported by the water and this lovely position allows gravity to bring the baby into the optimal position for birth.

2. Prepare your mind for birth

Prepare for a peaceful and extraordinary childbirth experience that focuses on both your psychological and physical well-being. Hypnobirthing are also growing in popularity as women come to realize that birth is both a physical and mental event.

Hypnosis for childbirth is a tool to support giving birth naturally. This is where my journey began and fuelled my desire to help other women have empowering births. Surround yourself with positive suggestions/affirmations, birth stories and women who are of the same mindset. Your mind has the potential to be your biggest ally during labour – you just need to train it in advance. Practice ‘being present’ in the moment – right here, right now. The realisation that labour is a temporary event can be massively liberating. Like running a marathon one step at a time, you can learn to deal with one contraction at a time you will eventually get there. Practice what you learn!

3. Move during labor
Follow your body. Movement and massage help your brain release its own pain-relieving chemicals during labour and birth. Freedom of movement is important in making the birth of your baby easier. Move your pelvis to help move your baby down, this helps your baby move down into the pelvis and the cervix to dilate. Movement and positioning in labour works magic. Movement also enhances comfort by stimulating the receptors in the brain that decrease pain perception. Move freely in response to what you feel. Your body will let you know just what position is best at every point in your labour.

4. Stay Healthy

Through neuroscience we now we know food effects our mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. Eat whole foods, get lots of greens, pique your curiosity and consume a rainbow of fruits and veggies, also get adequate healthy fat and protein, add some humour and a lot of fun! Every pregnant body is different and unique to each individual.

5.Be Prepared for Anything

Before we move on, what I’d like you to do is leave a comment. If there’s anything that you want to know, anything that you would like to hear about, thoughts that might be rolling around in your head about some things that we’ve already talked about and some things that I soon will be sharing.
How can you prepare yourself for a successful natural birth? Of course there are so much to look forward to. This is an exciting time of your life. Your body is naturally designed for birth and therefore, you should not have anything to worry about. Being prepared also increases your chances of staying calm, should an issue arise. This is an exciting time that you will remember through out time and being able to be a part that, even if that’s tiny little part of you in situation can make a choice to experience, to learn to grow and to take whatever you need.

I’m putting the finishing touches on this brand new training right now, and it’s something so special that you’ll definitely want to attend!


6 thoughts on “Five Natural Childbirth Tips

    1. Carolyn, my first birth was a circus and it really helped me reshape my idea of birth. Thank you for your comment!

  1. This post was sooo helpful! With my first I was in active back labor for 46 hours, so I now understand the importance of getting baby in the right position before labor begins. Mentally coping with the pain is also really important.

    1. Thank you for the positive comment!! I am so happy we can share our lessons! This is why we are here for each other. Bless you!!

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