However you choose to birth, positive tools for birth can provide you with inspiration and motivation to achieve the birth you desire. The Heart of Birth blog is a collection of useful inspiration about pregnancy and birth that you really won’t mind hearing at all because we all know extraneous unsolicitated advise is exhausting enough already!

This series of posts share the beauty and raw truth about birth.

In our trainwreck-obsessed culture, negative or traumatic birth stories tend to spread like an internet epidemic. We are all so quick to share all the negative things that happen during labour and birth that the good stuff is hardly ever mentioned! Even though I had some complications, I would overall consider the birth of my both my daughters to be a very positive. Determined not to repeat the cultural experience of bad birth stories (even though I have a doosy of my own) each experience taught me how to get where I want to go as a Mom, Doula, Family Life Coach and Childbirth Educator.

Positive Birth Stories?

Positive birth stories – yes, they really do exist!

You are most likely filled to the gills with all kinds of motherly wisdom and could use some fresh inspiration. Wouldn’t it be great to have a non relative coach you through some ideas so that you can take with you those tiny little tidbits of information that might make a difference in how you see yourself and bursting forth in the world of motherhood and how you can imagine yourself in a birth that feels best suited to your goals?

Feeling positive and in control is the greatest gift the best beginning your new family life beginning.

Tips for a natural birth

Natural childbirth stories help inspire your natural birth.

Lets talk about what natural birth means? Natural equals what ever is perfect and right for you.

My greatest asset as a Family Life Coach is to believe success is access to resources, and what is a super geeky about my brain is the natural love for natural resources. Gathering information as a starting point and constantly learning and building a foundation through the decades of coaching my clients.

Today you will be excited to find bright, shiny, doable, fun, playful pieces of wisdom that are designed to help you through one of the most difficult, confusing, exciting and challenging times of your life. Pregnancy and birth.

Let’s get the wheels rolling and begin to create exciting goals. It’s important to remember that our bodies are designed to give birth, just like your body is building your baby cell by cell right now, your body has the blueprint, the master plan for labour and birth. You don’t even have to think about it, really!!


Birthing from within, how?

Maybe you are feeling well-prepared and on that path to the birth of your dreams or you are here because you already had a birth that wasn’t exactly how you imagined it. Regardless, most Mamas are on mega overload, probably crushing out too too many pregnancy books, too many labour videos on Youtube, talked to a dozen qualified Doulas and you are still not sure what to actually DO in labour?

It is great to have all the information just knowing it is there, from all stories, all the pages and pages, the hours in prenatal class, or searching YouTube. Blissed out with bountiful birth adage is what feeds curiosity and excitement with love.

Take it all in, because the information isn’t the problem.

What we don’t learn and what we don’t know was how to integrate that information from up top to down low. Being a walking and talking childbirth library, bursting with the intellectual experience, knowledge and wisdom, shoving it into that feeling place, into that action place – where birth actually happens. We don’t naturally have it. There was a disconnect – the elevator doesn’t automatically  go down with the twinge of your first contraction.

Now, why does that happen?

Every “i” dotted and “t” crossed… prenatal classes, prenatal yoga, book after book- you’ve read them all and the “he he ho” breath and sun saluted until you shine.

Why don’t we get that message? That the information that is in our head was different from the information our body needs.

We think we are totally prepared, right?

You may be right, most mamas absolutely do, but when the birth starts, it comes in like a tidal wave, and when we are looking for that “what do I do now??” information and it might feel like you are grabbing at the stars into space, there is nothing there, no tools or tricks that is going to keep you safe and into thinking your way into experiencing your body in labour – can set into panic, then send your brain into a place where you are  able to come back from.

When birth happens, you are at a fork in the road:

1. Fight or Flight

2. Rest and Relax

You might easily end up in either place. The important thing to know is how to get there to calm yourself down. Most of us don’t know how relax or be in control under difficult circumstances. Nobody ever mentions how, even though it was talked about, “You need to relax, birth from within, make sure that you have that plan, talked to your midwife, talk to your doula” – You have done all that, but we really do have the tools inside.

It is the keys to unlock our bodies natural wisdom we forget to grab on the way out the door.

Different methods in childbirth

The goal here is to show you how to access what you have already in you.

You already have that, one – because you’re here and two because you have probably had more than a bad day before or you experienced stress and you made it through. You probably were able to get through difficult situations and come out on top.

You are able to do what others may not by taking inventory of your internal resources, and learning to tweak and alter the ways you see yourself, these ways that you are able to integrate new learning so that you can create your dream birth.

Imagine a really positive, really powerful, really exciting birth that you would want to do over and over and over again. And happily share your childs birthday story!

Yup, birth your way, absolutely no problem.

You can be empowered by knowledge, trust and choice.

Every birth is different, from water births at home to surprise arrivals in the car on the way to hospital and everything in between. Immersing yourself in positive and empowering experiences is a wonderful way to connect to your own pregnancy and birth experience

You found your way here because there is a part of you that is passionate about learning and want to encourage women that birth shouldn’t be feared, but anticipated and embraced.

With the right knowledge, preparation, tools, and support, Love you Labour is a program that helps you to have a positive and calm birthing experience. A birth you will be forever grateful for and immensely proud of.

You are a real human who is loving, courageous, and inspiring, let the birth of your baby reflect your commitment to reclaiming calm and confidence and a joyous birth experience.


6 thoughts on “Hypnosis for Childbirth- how to prepare for a natural birth.

  1. I have had 5 births and I agree their is many beautiful things about giving birth. Each birth experience is different. I had two natural births, then a c-section and then another natural birth after the c-section. When I had my last child he was a c-section as well. I try to not remember the complications I endured during the process but rather remember how I felt so good to be important in this tiny persons life. I remember the pleasant feeling of bringing a small being into the world and all of the wonderful things I was going to do with this person. I believe giving birth is truly a gift!!

    1. You are my hero Ruth!! Thank you for sharing your births!! And yes, the gift is the miracle. So much goodness to look forward to as these tiny little ones grow into lovely humans!

  2. Great article, and one that I will be showing to my best friend who is expecting her first baby. She is very frightened of the labor and delivery and I think this article and your site will greatly reduce her fears and show her that this is all a natural process, and she needs to make the choice to go with it, or fight it and make her pain worse. It is so important for her to have a positive birth experience and your article is spot-on. Thanks!

    1. Thank you Amy!! It is such a compliment that you will share this work with your friend. I appreciate your comment, much appreciated.

  3. Great blog! I always thought natural birth meant having a child with a mid wife away from the hospital. Now I know it just what the meaning of natural means to the individual.

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