Congratulations Mama!

I am so happy to welcome you to The Heart of Birth a place for honest birth inspiration. You will want to come back again and again and always find more useful information and everything you need to get started.
Keep your eye on your on this blog!! Here you will find the inside story to access birth happiness and labour love.

Moving forward, blogs will be posted weekly. This is a landing place to share chatty childbirth thoughts with you. You will have lifetime access to all of the content, so you can refer back here whenever you like.

It is such an honour to you have . Thank you!

The work here covers pregnancy strategies that will generate more than just confidence in your body’s natural ability to be calm and happy but get real life results in your relationships too!

Positivity is a game changer for your pregnancy (whether you’ve started your birth plan it or not). You can learn cutting edge tools to wire your brain to be ready to champion the birth of your baby and the best part: it’s completely free, seriously.

Grab onto this series because you will want to learn sexy tips and why this great, final plan is already working in your favour preparing for birth NOW – what ever week/month/day you are in your pregnancy.

Here’s what to expect anytime you find yourself back here.

Five Bits of Positive Pregnancy and Birth Inspiration blog series break-down. (because it is nice to know)

  • Exercises and teachings that you will be able to come back to as you continue to grow your baby and your confidence and prepare for birth.
  • Gain fortitude of spirit with unique guidance and expertise
  • Learn how to connect with your creative baby mama muse, pick up pieces of Positive Psychology, Attachment Theory, daily rituals and a practice Neuro Linguistic processes.
  • Utilize these crystal clear exercises and as promised some seriously sensuous birth tips!

At some point you might ask yourself “Do I really need this?”

Before we answer that, let’s take a look at how you got here… We are all born with a fully operational creative spirit.We have a relentlessly curious mind and a passionate heart, which provides all the fuel necessary to create an interesting and enjoyable life experience during our time on this planet.

Then life goes on and now a new life is beginning … and that is SCARY! You don’t have  all that much experience in this pregnant body yet, so we’re dependent on the people around us.


People OVER share thoughts, ideas and beliefs and you start to formulate beliefs – things like “if other people are freaked out I should be too, birth is crazy!! I won’t survive”. You can start to carefully monitor the feedback you get from the world around you and begin to shape your own birth story. If we do things that get a positive response, we do more of them. Things that get no reaction (or a negative reaction) we do less of.

Birth stories deserve to be celebrated for their own importance in the grand concert of beginning the human experience.

Ps. Get Ready for the Transformation of a Lifetime Mama!

I have a wonderful birth course. This a very special program, there is just so much more I want to share with you. Love your Labour is very unique online course I laboured over for the better part of a decade and the hundreds of women just like you have used to be fearless in labour and birth.
Direct access to get tuned in to your deepest strengths with g, a series of 21 comprehensive video modules on the Love Your Labour Childbirth program and how to prepare for birth but also how live it on a daily basis.

This may just be the most powerful time to join in the world where you are in the drivers seat of your birthing body. Seriously!

4 thoughts on “Love Your Labour. Create a revolutionary birth story infused with tenderness.

  1. Thanks for taking the time to create this site. Giving birth is a natural process, yet it can be very scary. Anything that is new can be scary since we don’t know what to expect. So it’s great that you are teaching women how to prepare to give birth. May all the Mamas have a beautiful time with their new babies. 🙂

    1. Thank you for your love and support Carmen. It is so important time to connect, you are right it is important to remember we are a part of the natural process.
      Much love to you!

  2. wow! Love that you are focussing on the pure magic and empowerment of pregnancy and birth. So often people overreach during this sacred phase, I call it the strange phenomenon of the pregnant woman as public property. It is a weird happening indeed! And because of our conditioning we think that because we may not have done this before, that somehow we know nothing! Well people at large may be well-meaning, but they are invading our energy fields regardless. Our bodies know what to do, so back up a bit tribe lol. Wishing you love on your journey helping Mama’s out there connect to the ancient and sacred space in all of us. Giving birth especially is a rare opportunity to open up a pure connection with all that is. Labour was painful for me, but I was not expecting such a spiritual experience too. Big love, you are amazing! Angie xo

  3. Hello Angie!! You are beautiful, you’re right pure magic and power. Our bodies are so sacred, birth is a miracle. Much love always!!

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