Get to the Heart of Birth, Get the Tools to Navigate Labour
and Childbirth with Full Clarity and Confidence, and…

Love Your Labour

(…even if all you’ve heard are scary birth stories & a beautiful, grounded childbirth experience feels wa-a-ay out of reach)


And yet you’ve probably seen hundreds of babies born on television, surrounded by doctors & nurses in caps and surgical masks, and a mess of tubes & wires.

Something in you knows this isn’t your story. It’s a story that’s been handed to you. And only YOU get to decide whether or not to pass the baton.

Here’s what we’re told about childbirth that’s just not true

Even if you’ve done all the required reading on natural childbirth, burned the right candles & consulted with a midwife, an OB/GYN, AND a doula…there’s a legacy of not-so-nice childbirth stories buried deep in the collective subconscious of all women.

A few examples include:


…and a long-drawn-out process

We’re taught that birth is a journey across many miles, times zones & untold distances. Our mothers stories are neither glamorous nor beautiful.

(If you were born in the 70’s like me, your mother might’ve even been drugged into a twilight sleep, to avoid the whole “painful and disgusting” affair.)

These stories have taught us to disconnect from our bodies. To withdraw and “let the doctor handle it” instead of being present and participating in the process. The truth is you are not separate from you baby. Your baby isn’t somewhere in California, she’s with you every step of the way. And both of you can be full participants in the birthing process.


…and the domino effect of interventions is inevitable

When there’s a stumble during the labour process, we’re offered an intervention to “correct” it. One medical intervention has a way of cascading into another and then another intervention, so we prepare for the worst because we’re taught that this is normal.

When a woman enters into labour feeling relaxed & present, she’s better able to cope with every twist & turn along the way, be a part of the process and make her own decision anytime a decision needs to be made.


…all-natural homebirth gets the gold star!

We’re taught all kinds of ideals, from one end of the spectrum to the other. Let the doctor handle it. Get a doula. Do a homebirth. Take the drugs. Don’t take the drugs. Try squatting. Have a waterbirth. Stimulate the nipples. Get on your hands & knees.

The right way to give birth is your way. Your natural. Your perfect. You are the expert and you have to own that. Birth is a creative art. You get the write the story.


…and your baby is the gift at the very end

There’s this idea that birth is inflicted on us. It’s something we have to “get through.” Your baby is someone who magically appears at the very end. This is just not true.

You get to be an active participant. You are IN it, even when circumstances are beyond your control. Think of it like steering a boat—while the wind and the water may be unpredictable, a good sailor knows how to ride the waves. And that’s a skill you can learn.


Read all the books & attended all the classes?

Beautiful. But how do you know if you’re truly prepared?

Our brains are hardwired to replicate the stories we hear all our lives long.

But what if you could create a new story? What if you had tools & techniques in place to feel cool & in control during your labour?

A beautiful & positive birth story is yours to claim.

The world needs more of those.

More women who joyfully share their stories, regardless of whether or not they went according to plan, whether or not they conform to our ideals about birth, or the stories passed down from our mothers & grandmothers.

It’s possible. I promise with all my heart.

What is amazing to me is how some of the things I visualized during my sessions came true, such as my date of delivery and length of labour. I had a natural birth, was ready to go home within 24 hours and experienced no postpartum issues! Kathleen is an amazing person who is professional, yet warm and funny. The benefits of my time with Kathleen far out-weigh the cost. She has helped to make me a better wife, mother and person. A.D.


Love Your Labour

The tools & techniques you’ll use to be fully present in childbirth, from the first contraction to the moment you hold your baby in your arms

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned working with hundreds of pregnant women over the last 10 years, attending births and training with world-class childbirth experts, and translated into an easy-to-digest, fun-to-implement 4 week program.

Love your Labour

is the first program of its kind that…


During my first pregnancy, I must’ve read a hundred books and watched as many videos about pregnancy & childbirth. I thought I knew it all. But when it came time for labour and delivery, I realized that all of that was just theory. Just ideas. I was grasping for something I could actually use…and I came up short.

Inside Love Your Labour you’ll find practical exercises you can use to build new neural pathways, and create a new story around birth. You’ll get tools you can use during labour. You’ll be able to communicate with your baby in labour, and feel your way through the process in your deepest power.



Once you learned the skills & tools in this program, you’ll be able to repurpose what you’ve learned in your daily life. You’ll use these tools to manage your emotional state, be proactive about your health, and nurture healthy relationships with your children and your spouse.

When you experience the power of your mind firsthand (as you will when you laboured using the tools in this program), you can never unlearn that power. You’ll find that anytime life hands you a challenge, you have the tools you need to face it.



Let’s be real. Your baby is not in California waiting for a flight to the hospital to meet her mama (in most cases). Your baby is with you. She’s traveling a mere couple of inches from the inside to the outside.

In Love Your Labour, you’ll make communication with your baby a daily ritual. You’ll ask your baby for answers when you need them, and you’ll make decisions together during your labour. And you’ll find that this dialogue continues after birth, and sets you up for a lifelong beautiful relationship with your child.

I was first introduced to the power of Kathleen’s work when she helped me prepare for the birth of our third child. That birth was so dramatically different than the birth of our first two children that it made me a true believer. R.F., New York

Here’s what’s inside this 4-module e-course

Module 01: Destination Birth

This module is about mindset and confidence, determining where you are and where you’re going to go. You’ll also get deep insights on…

  • 1 very importation action for creating a luscious birth
  • The “Want / Don’t Want” goal setting method that feels sooo good
  • What your muscles & hormones know about birth that you don’t
  • How your subconscious mind affects your experience, plus how to identify & reprogram beliefs you may not even more you have

Module 02: Navigation Pain

In this module you’ll discover the secrets to feeling confident and capable even in the throes of labour. You’ll also discover…

  • Some very cool technologies you don’t even have to remember…your brain will access them during labour with no effort on your behalf
  • How to develop your internal resources so you have real tools when you need them most
  • The 5% exercise every woman I’ve ever worked with loves!
  • Giving your partner a job so they don’t freak out, but rather support you fully during labour

Module 03: Birth Happiness

This module is about preparing for a positive birth experience that will set you up for positive relationships with your baby, your spouse & the world. You’ll be able to…

  • Determine once & for all whose job is it to get the baby out (Is it yours? The doctor’s? Your midwife’s?)
  • Simple & effective pregnancy habits that will set you up for a happy birth experience
  • The 100% crucial mind/body/baby connection that will give you new perspective on your entire experience
  • Identify which areas of your life that need a dash more love, and how to deliver on that
  • How to give yourself a pep talk when it looks like it’s not working

Module 04: Getting Down With Down Time

In this final (and most fun) module, you’ll get strategies & stories that will carry you through the final few weeks of pregnancy, including…

  • When to press the pause button in birth & pregnancy, and why you should do this
  • The “happy pants” exercise that will help you breeze through weeks 39 and 40
  • Attachment parenting, and how to apply those principles during labour
  • The daily practices that will set you up for a fantastic future

The Heart of Birth is happening. Women just like you are committed to creating a new legacy around pregnancy & childbirth, mothers who want to contribute positive birth stories to the world, and support their sisters as they go through this journey.

A Message from Kathleen Milligan

Hey mama! I’m Kathleen.

I’m so happy you’re here. It’s significant. And I don’t take it lightly.

Pregnancy is a magical and challenging time. My goal is to help you create memories that will fuel you with power & purpose as you move through each stage of motherhood.

Who am I to be teaching you? Glad you asked. I’ve trained with world-renowned childbirth educators, including hypnotherapists Lyndsay Eastburn and Marie Mongan, family physician Nathalie Fisset, and Toronto midwife Shawn Gallagher.

Love Your Labour is based on 10 years of work with beautiful pregnant women like you.

I’ve attended births as a doula, worked with hundreds of pregnant women in my hypnosis for childbirth program, and created a training inspired by my own wildly unique experiences birthing my 2 daughters.

What I most want to share with you is that this is your time. You get to call the shots, and make decisions that feel good for you.

In labour and in life.

With love & light,

What would that be worth to you if…

  • You felt completely present & firmly in the driver’s seat during your labour
  • You could move through the process in direct communication with your baby, and make choices with strength & confidence, even in difficult situations
  • You could trust your body to complete the process with grace & ease, and follow its lead at every turn
  • You’d squashed the fears and beliefs you already know are false, and replaced them with deep-seated faith & inner knowing
  • You had a positive birth story to share with the world (even if it wasn’t exactly the story you had planned)

That’s what you can achieve through the Love Your Labour program

After having a difficult labour and birth for our second child, and having not felt as “in control of things” as I wanted to feel, I longed for a more empowering birth experience for me, and a peaceful birth experience for our third child. Kathleen helped me to focus on quieting my anxiety and to feel reassured that I really can “do” birthing efficiently and quickly with manageable/minimal discomfort. [...] our beautiful son was born of a calm and in-control mother who was certain she knew what needed to be done. A far cry of the previous fearful and panicked experience I remembered. It amazes me how much our mindset affects our physical abilities! I would recommend Kathleen to any woman who wants to bring their child into this world gently and lovingly! Thanks again for your help! H.W, St. Catharines

Join Love Your Labour today
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The FULL Love Your Labour Program
(a $699.00 value)

You’ll get access to an amazingly helpful videos and ebook, downloadable PDFs & 4 mp3 hypnosis for childbirth recordings, these resources are every tool you need to navigate your labour with confidence and ease.

  • 21 videos (@10 minutes each) with Ebook full of training, using Positive Psychology, Solution Focused Coaching, Emotional Freedom Techniques (tapping) and Neuro Linguistic Programming all specialised for pregnancy and birth
  • 2 hours of short mp3 audio recordings for daily listening
  • PDF summary and worksheet of each module

Be at the heart of birth where women like you

share stories and get loving feedback.

Your Investment

Love Your Labour
Baby + Me Package

Extensively written ebook

2 hours of recorded audio hypnosis meditations

4 PDF worksheets

Love Your Labour
Mp3 Downloads
$39.00 each

Childbirth 1 - $39.00 each

Childbirth 2 - $39.00 each

Childbirth 3 - $39.00 each

Childbirth 4 - $39.00 each

Love your Labour is guidance that creates a sense of control, self-confidence and belief during labour and birth. But more than that it paves the way for a positive birth which changes a woman’s’ life… for the better – an empowering birth grants women a new found sense of self-worth, power and presence.

Anne W. Registered Midwife, Sages-Femmes Renaissance Midwifery

Need help ordering or got questions?

Kathleen helped me find my own unshakable confidence in my body. She helped me craft my own unique childbearing experience. As a midwife, I know how important it is to relax into labour, but in my experience with many birthing women, relaxing is one of the greatest challenges. Kathleen gave me concrete tools and techniques to relax and cope in the face of the most intense physical and mental experience of my life. Our beautiful baby girl was born safely at home after a short labour into loving hands just as we had envisioned. I would recommend Kathleen to anyone having a baby. P.H., Boulder

You don’t need to read more books, study up on hypnosis or wait until the next full moon

If you’re pregnant, the time to start preparing for childbirth is right now. In this very moment. The fact that you found yourself here, and you feel called to do this work is significant. It means something.

Your body has led you here. It’s giving you an opportunity to create your own story. To experience childbirth is a way that feels right for you.

And the time to act is now.

The 7 Day Buy It and Try It Money-Back Guarantee

The world desperately needs more empowering birth stories.

We need women all over the world to heal & reclaim their childbirth experience. That’s why I’ve made it as easy as possible for you to get started with Love Your Labour.

I KNOW it works because I’ve coached hundreds of women through this program, and listened as they triumphantly shared their birth stories with shining eyes, even when things didn’t go as planned.

If you’re still on the fence – if certain medical professionals, personal experiences, birth books or YouTube videos have left your skeptical – I want to make it as easy as possible for you to Love Your Labour, by offering a full money-back guarantee.

Take 7 days to go through the Love Your Labour program. If you’ve listened to each module and you STILL don’t feel it’s right for you, I’m happy to offer a full refund.

“We stand behind our guarantee. Before you make your purchase, please view our full policy”


Questions women asked before saying “Yes!” to Love Your Labour

I’m not planning a homebirth, nor do I have any desire to go “all natural”—is this for me?
In Love Your Labour, you get to create your own definition of “natural”. Natural is whatever YOU say it is, whether it’s at home or at the hospital, with or without an epidural, assisted by a doctor or a midwife. You get to decide. As long as you plan to be present and to participate in your labour, there’s something in this program for you.
Can I do this program if I’ve had a some traumatic birth experience?
Love Your Labour is for all women—those who’ve birthed babies before, by vaginal delivery or by c-section, and those who are giving birth for the first time. There’s no judgement in this program, and no right or wrong when it comes to giving birth. The birthing experience is yours. Love Your Labour gives you the tools to claim it.
What kind of “tools & techniques” are we talking about?
Everything you’ll learn in this program is completely safe & non-invasive. You’ll listen to audios, do creative visualization and reprogram your brain for a beautiful, even magical childbirth experience. This program will play quite nicely with whatever work you’re doing in your personal life, as well as the practices your support team is encouraging you to do,
Can my partner be involved?
Absolutely! Your partner can support you by standing by, leaning in and being with you during this process—not by learning specific breathing or relaxation techniques. As you work through this program, you will learn how to ask for what you need to feel supported on this journey.
Can I do this program if I’m planning a VBAC or to have a C-Section?
This program is for women who plan to labour. I’ve worked with women who were planning a VBAC, spent time in labour, and finally birthed their babies through cesarean. In that case, this is an excellent program for learning to navigate that time. But if you have no plans to be in labour, there may be a better prenatal program for you.
How will I know if it’s working?
Many women wonder if it’s working, especially when their “due date” is fast approaching and they don’t feel anxious or upset the way they expected to. There’s no right or wrong with this program. You won’t take everything I share into birth with you. You’ll take the best and leave the rest. And that’s what’s going to “work” for you.

Here’s how you’ll know if Love Your Labour is perfect for you

This program isn’t for anyone. But if the following points describe you, there’s a good chance you’ll love working through this program with me.

  • You’re ready & willing to be an active participant in your birth experience
  • You’ve heard dozens of scary birth stories, but something in you knows that doesn’t have to be YOUR story
  • You want to contribute a positive birth story to the world (whatever that means for you)
  • You’re open to trying new techniques, even if you’re not fully convinced they’ll work for you
  • You want to have an empowered & transformational birth experience (whether you’re with a midwife or an OB/GYN, at a hospital or at home)
  • You understand that there are many ways to give birth, and the “right way” is whatever makes the most sense for you

On the other hand,
Love Your Labour may NOT be for you if…

Some women are not a good match for this program, especially if:

  • Medically-assisted pain management is the #1 thing on your list (an epidural may be part of your birth story, but this program is about being fully present in labour as much as possible)
  • You’re happy to hand over complete control of your birth experience to a doctor
  • You have a specific idea of how your labour is supposed to go, and you’re not open to alternatives
  • You’re been deemed a high-risk pregnancy or had multiple losses in the past—this program can be a great compliment to additional work with your midwife, doula and/or OB/GYN, but not as a stand alone course

Join Love Your Labour today
and you’ll receive instant access to…

The FULL Love Your Labour Program
(a $699.00 value)

You’ll get access to an amazingly helpful videos and ebook, downloadable PDFs & 4 mp3 hypnosis for childbirth recordings, these resources are every tool you need to navigate your labour with confidence and ease.

  • 21 videos (@10 minutes each) with Ebook full of training, using Positive Psychology, Solution Focused Coaching, Emotional Freedom Techniques (tapping) and Neuro Linguistic Programming all specialised for pregnancy and birth
  • 2 hours of short mp3 audio recordings for daily listening
  • PDF summary and worksheet of each module
Love Your Labour
Baby + Me Package

Extensively written ebook

2 hours of recorded audio hypnosis meditations

4 PDF worksheets

Love Your Labour
Mp3 Downloads
$39.00 each

Childbirth 1 - $39 each

Childbirth 2 - $39 each

Childbirth 3 - $39 each

Childbirth 4 - $39 each